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Terms of Service

1. ARS has a $100 Late Cancellation fee and a $100 No Show Fee

                2. Students must have a valid California Learner's Permit.  Students must have the original Learner's Permit (all pages including photo) present during the drive lesson(s), practice test and/or session(s).  Photocopied  or photos of your Learner's Permit in your phone are not acceptable.


Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled drive lesson by the student/parent/guardian.  Cancellations can be made over the phone by talking to office staff or by leaving a voicemail message, by text message to our main number, 408 370-8679 and/or by sending an email to us using email address  Failure to cancel in the required time will result in the account being assessed a late cancellation fee in the amount of $100.  The late cancellation fee must be paid in cash at the next lesson.

No Show Fee

Not physically having in your possession at the lesson a valid California Learner's Permit, not coming out to meet the instructor within 15 minutes from the instructor arriving and calling you, being impaired for any reason(lack of sleep, intoxication, medication, etc.), wearing footwear which may impair the ability to safely operate the vehicle, not having your prescription contacts or glasses as required as noted on your permit or having a fever which means the virus you have is contagious, the lesson will be cancelled and considered a No Show, therefore a no show fee will be assessed to the account in the amount of $100.

Refund Policy

Any student who pays in advance and requests a refund will receive a refund for those lessons not yet taken (scheduled lessons that are cancelled lesson thn 48 hours in advance of the lesson are counted as scheduled and subject to a late cancellation fee if cancelled outside of timeframe specified above) will receive a refund minus a $75 administrative processing fee. This refund will be based on an hourly rate of $115 and not on bundled or special pricing. To receive a refund, all the no show and late cancellation fees must be paid along with the processing fee first. The amount leftover will be the refund amount. Refunds are issued 7 to 10 business days from the date of the approved refund.


Inactive Accounts

If an account has no activity (scheduled driving lessons) for a period of 6 months or more, a $50 reactivation fee will be assessed to the account. This fee will need to be paid first in order for staff to schedule any lessons. Driving School accounts that have no activity or lessons scheduled on their account for eight months or more, will be closed by the Driving School. There will be no refunds provided to the registrant/student. The Driving School does not contact students prior to closing the account. The account will just be closed.


Please note the funds of mailed out refunds that are returned to us undeliverable will be written off and forfeited by the requestor of the refund unless alternate arrangements are made during the same calendar year within 30 days of funds be returned back to our office, NO EXCEPTIONS. Every effort will be made to insure all lessons will be offered during this time limit. The fact that the person does not obtain a driver’s license during this time is not the responsibility of ARS Driving School.

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