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We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs.  Please read below the description of each Package.

We also offer Traffic School as Package I.  Traffic School is a self paced online course inwhich you leisurely complete chapter tests and a final exam.


Package A: One 2 hour lesson $230

Package C: Three 2 hour lessons, 6 hours total $600

Package D: Three 2 hour lessons & One 3 hour slot for DMV drive test $975

All lessons come with free driver education as long as the student is 17.4 years old or younger. Those who are older than that are not required to take online driver education.  If someone older than 17.4 year s old would like to take driver education, they can, but at a cost.

Can take one lesson per week maximum


Package B: DMV Drive Test(we will schedule you to take a drive test at one of our local DMVs(Alma, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Santa Theresa).  On the day of your driving test, a licensed driver will meet you 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled drive test at DMV.  You will get checked in and review a pre drive checklist with our licensed driver.   You will complete your drive test & at the conclusion of drive test, our licensed driver will leave & you as well separate from our licensed driver.  $375

Package J: Practice Test.  An ARS Driving Instructor will meet you in our parking lot to conduct a 15 minute mock practice DMV drive test with you.  At the conclusion of the practice drive test you will be provided with information on whether you passed or failed along with an explanation of errors. $75

Chat with an Instructor

Package E:  Speak with a certified driving instructor about driving techniques as they relate to taking a DMV drive test here in California.  The instructor will phone you and speak with you.  The chat will last 15 minutes. $25




Package F:  For those who took a lesson with our school, but lost them.  Requests for notes from lesson 2 or 3 will not have the Feedback section on them like the lost original did, just techniques from the lesson will be provided. $25

Rent A Driver

Rent A Driver (RAD) is intended to provide those students who have taken a lesson to practice the techniques they were exposed to at the lesson enough so that the technique becomes second nature.  The Instructor does not provide notes, does not teach any new material and keeps the student safe while mastering the repitition of driving in hopes of mastering the techniques and delivering them smoothly.

Package G: RAD Session (2 hours) Not a lesson $200

Package H: RAD Session (8 hours) Not a lesson $770

Package HELP: RAD Session (50 hours) Not a lesson $4,150

(these are the required 50 hours for teens under 17.5 yrs old

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