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 Covid Update: For those who have travelled outside of the state, no lesson with us til 10 days from return to state.

Covid Exposure:  No lesson for 10 days and negative covid test results provided to us from a medical provider of a PCR test.

Live Chat Feature:  While on our website, if we are online, we will gladly answer any questions you may have as you navigate thru our website thru Live Chat.  If we are not on our website, you can submit your questions, but please make sure you provide your email address & phone number so that we can respond to you.

Lessons:  We allow one lesson per week to be taken.  CA Learner's permit required.  Please review our coverage area BEFORE registering, we expanded our coverage area to Cupertino, Fremont, Martinez and Saratoga.

Zelle Info for payments

Zelle Account phone# is 408-370-8679
Zelle Account name is Anika Stevens DBA

Special Pricing: (The registration and zelle payment must be made the same day)

Pkg HELP is $4,130 instead of $4,150 if the registration and zelle payment are made today by 7p.

Pkg HELP note to PARENTS:
  Don't feel like driving with your young adult? Dreading working with them on their required 50 hours?  Let us drive with  them for you!  These 50 hours are session hours as if you were taking your young adult out driving inbetween our lessons.  Session hours cover the techniques your young adult took in a lesson(s).This is Pkg HELP, 50 session hours-You NEVER have to take your young adult out practice driving, EVER!  One LESSON must be taken first before 50 hours session hours in PKG HELP can start.  The HELP session hours do not count toward the 6 hour hours of behind the wheel hours required for teens to obtain  a btw certificate.  BTW Certificate hours are lesson hours only.  So in order for a teen to obtain a behind the wheel certificate, three Pkg As or one Pkg C needs to be taken.

Available Lessons

Lessons still available the week of 4/1/23.  Register and then we will advise what is available at that time.

If interested, no need to call us, just click on register above from a desktop (smart phones or ipads won't work properly- screen will give you an unsecure connection message) or just send us an email at selecting ONE date and time  from the above list of available lessons that works potentially for your lesson, along withe full name of person taking the lessons, full address, telephone number, date of birth, permit id number which starts with a letter the issue date and expiration date of he permit.  We inturn will reach back out to you by email and or text with any questions and next steps.  Once we confirm the first lesson, we will request zelle bank transfer payment which needs to be made within 24 hours of us confirming a first lesson in order to keep the lesson.

Payments: We only accept Zelle bank transfers.  We do not accept Cash, Credit Cards, Venmo or checks of any kind including PayPal Checks. 

When registering for a Pkg, payment for those packages needs to be in the form of a Zelle bank transfer and needs to be paid within 24 hours of staff confirming the drive test, lesson or session.  Otherwise, you will be removed from that lesson, session or drive test.  Pkgs on sale/special, please follow the instructions to a tee for that sale/special.

FYI, Zelle is an online app through most United States Banks that allows money to be transferred free of charge. Once you register for desired package(s), we will process the registration and will place into a lesson.  Once we confirm the lesson with you, we will prompt you to log online to your bank and process a Zelle payment by sending payment to  us via our zelle account name Anika Stevens DBA associated with telephone number 408-370-8679.

If Zelle payment is made to us after the 24 hour mark of us confirming a lesson, a $25 late payment fee will be assessed and will need to be paid with the package payment.  Failure to pay assessed fees and package payment will result in no lesson, drive test or session.  Assessed fees do not drop off accounts, even if we authorize a rescheduled lesson.  

For existing students adding on a drive test, lessons or sessions, payment for the add on drive test, lesson or session is due within 24 hours from us scheduling that add on package even if a prior package is not complete yet.   The same late fee of $25 will apply if not paid on time via Zelle.

Our Cars 
Your Classroom!


Package F


Package F


Package F

Ready to learn how to drive? We can help.

Santa  Clara County’s most reliable Driving School since 2015!

Driving Lessons

Package A,B,CorD


Package F

Rent A Driver
Package G,H, HELP

We provide driving lessons in Santa Clara County EXCLUDING: Alviso, Cupertino Hills, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos Hills, Palo Alto, San Jose's zip code 95120 area, Stanford, Sunnyvale and Unincorporated parts of Santa Clara County. 

For those out of our coverage area, you can meet us at our office located at 1165 Lincoln Ave. rear parking lot to start and end driving lessons OR we can start and end lessons at Burger King in Santa Clara located at 1925 El Camino Real Santa  Clara which is located at the corner of Scott & El Camino Real right next to Wells Fargo Bank OR we can start and end your lesson at the Shell gas staton at the corner of Almaden Expy and Blossom Hill in San Jose OR we can start and end your lesson at the Los Gatos Safeway parking lot on Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos.

Package A: $200 
Package B: $250
Package C: $570
Package D: $800  
Package E: $25
Package G: $175
Package H: $670
Package HELP: $4,150

Package J: $75


About ARS Driving School

ARS Driving School specializes in driving lessons for those ready to learn how to drive safely.  We offer driver education, driver training, chat with an instructor, comprehensive notes, rent a driver and practice test.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.  We certainly look forward to working with you!

Reviews from Yelp

Please feel free to go to our Yelp page to read more about what others thought about ARS Driving School.  We have featured a few below.

I asked for Anika based on yelp reviews.  She was very professional and knowledgeable.  She followed up each lesson with an evaluation and suggested exercises to improve driving.  She was flexible and worked with my 17 year old's school schedule.  I would highly recommend her.  BTW, my daughter was very comfortable with Ms. Anika and passed the first driving test she took at the DMV. 

Sharon G. San Jose 12/14/17

A great exciting experience for my daughter...she was very excited and texted me once the 1st instruction was complete and said she feels so much more comfortable.  Her instructor was Anika and my daughter says she was cool!  Thank You Anika and ARS for a great experience.

Adella C. San Jose 2/21/19

I found this ARS driving school on yelp.  Anika is awesome.  I have a big smile today after I pass my driving from DMV thanks for Anika and the ARS driving school.

Mae V. San Jose 12/13/16

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