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Please note with the pandemic, those who have traveled between states and countries should not take lessons with our school exposing Instructors.  Instructors must be in a vehicle with you for 2 hours.  For Example: If  you arrived in our area on August 15th on a flight from Florida to California, please do not schedule your first lesson with us until after two weeks from August 15th, so August 30th and on would be appropriate for a first lesson as long as you have no symptoms and/or a fever.



We allow students to take one lesson per week and are only accepting full package payment in cash at first lesson.  Receipts emailed to you by Instructor. 

Available lessons

Existing Students

We currently are under shelter in place.  DMV has just begun rescheduling drive test that they cancelled.  Existing students of ARS need to email in with the rescheduled date and time for the new drive test so we can coordinate any remaining lessons we need to completed.  You must email over the new drive test within 24 hours of receiving the message from DMV in order for us to properly place the student in lessons.  If you gave us the information late meaning after 24 hours of receiving the notification from DMV, we will do the best we can to place the student, but if we cannot, we just cannot do it and you will have to reschedule that drive test.

Those existing students with no drive test scheduled yet, we are not scheduling your lessons yet.  We have to get all of those with drive tests completed and then we will resume existing students as long as we do not get shut down again with a shelter in place order.

New students

Those wanting to take lessons with us, you must have a CA learner's permit, please email in to the school at arsdriving@gmail.com for more assistance.

Please scroll down this page and review our coverage area for lessons. 

Lessons can only be paid for at this time by CASH at the beginning of your lesson.  Full package payment due when the Instructor arrives.  Instructors cannot take you to go and pick up money and they cannot make or provide change or stop anywhere to get change.  No other payment options are accepted at this time.  FYI, we are trying to minimize fees we pay on processing payments thru third parties in an effort to recoupe from being shutdown.

Our lesson times currently are 11a to 1p and 3p to 5p.  Complete your registration form, submit it and send an email to arsdriving@gmail.com advising what date from the above listed of available lessons you would like for your first lesson.  We will then contact you to confirm/schedule the first lesson.  We allow one lesson per week. 

Learner Permits that expire during Pandemic 

If your permit expires during the pandemic, it is automatically extended for 6 months, nothing for you to do accept keep practicing your driving techniques.  You do not need to contact DMV.   It is an automatic extension.  Law enforcement is aware as well.   When you get close to your drive test date, DMV will make you come in or come in earlier than your scheduled drive test to take care of paperwork.

Need a Permit?

For those who  are ready to take a written permit test to obtain a learner's permit, currently the only way you can do this is by applying for a REAL ID. When applying for a REAL ID for the first time, as part of that application, DMV will allow you to take a written learner's permit exam as part of the REAL ID process.  If you already  have a REAL ID, at this time, DMV will not let you take the written learner's permit exam.  You will have to wait until DMV begins scheduling new appointments.

Ready to learn how to drive? We can help.

Santa  Clara County’s most reliable Driving School since 2015!

About ARS Driving School

ARS Driving School specializes in driving lessons for those ready to learn how to drive safely.  We offer driver education, driver training, chat with an instructor, comprehensive notes, rent a driver and practice test.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.  We certainly look forward to working with you!

Driving Lessons

Package A,B,CorD


Package F

We provide driving lessons in Santa Clara County EXCLUDING: Alviso, Cupertino, Cupertino Hills, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos Hills, Palo Alto, San Jose's zip code 95120 area, Saratoga, Stanford, Sunnyvale and Unincorporated parts of Santa Clara County. 

For those out of our coverage area, you can meet us at our office located at 1165 Lincoln Ave. rear parking lot to start and end driving lessons OR we can start and end lessons at Burger King in Santa Clara located at 1925 El Camino Real Santa  Clara which is located at the corner of Scott & El Camino Real right next to Wells Fargo Bank OR we can start and end your lesson at the Shell gas staton at the corner of Almaden Expy and Blossom Hill in San Jose OR we can start and end your lesson at the Los Gatos Safeway parking lot on Santa Cruz Ave. in Los Gatos.


Package A: $155 

Package B: $175

Package C: $420

Package D: $550 

Package E: $15

Package F: $25

Package G: $80

Package H:$200

Package I: $800

Package J: $27

Reviews from Yelp

Please feel free to go to our Yelp page to read more about what others thought about ARS Driving School.  We have featured a few below.

I asked for Anika based on yelp reviews.  She was very professional and knowledgeable.  She followed up each lesson with an evaluation and suggested exercises to improve driving.  She was flexible and worked with my 17 year old's school schedule.  I would highly recommend her.  BTW, my daughter was very comfortable with Ms. Anika and passed the first driving test she took at the DMV. 

Sharon G. San Jose 12/14/17

A great exciting experience for my daughter...she was very excited and texted me once the 1st instruction was complete and said she feels so much more comfortable.  Her instructor was Anika and my daughter says she was cool!  Thank You Anika and ARS for a great experience.

Adella C. San Jose 2/21/19

I found this ARS driving school on yelp.  Anika is awesome.  I have a big smile today after I pass my driving from DMV thanks for Anika and the ARS driving school.

Mae V. San Jose 12/13/16

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